Do LED face masks really work?? (with YOUR DOCTOR FRIENDS)
Your Doctor Friends PodcastOctober 08, 202300:09:31

Do LED face masks really work?? (with YOUR DOCTOR FRIENDS)

Do LED light masks actually work? Do they result in younger-looking skin, less wrinkles, and fewer acne breakouts? Or are they just a scary cross-between-Jason-and-Ironman looking facial accessory??
In this clip from the full episode #69 (titled Do LED Light Masks Actually Work? Why Do Women Pay More For Healthcare? And MORE!), Your Doctor Friends do a deep dive into LED FACE MASKS. Red light/blue light- what does the evidence support?
Your Doctor Friends do the research, and present you with a tight book-report style review of the literature surrounding LED skin therapy, its pros/cons and safety profile.
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