Why Jeremy Failed Miserably at The Chair Challenge - Labor Day Snack Episode (with Erin Schreiber, DPT)
Your Doctor FriendsSeptember 06, 2022

Why Jeremy Failed Miserably at The Chair Challenge - Labor Day Snack Episode (with Erin Schreiber, DPT)

Back in 2019, an internet challenge struck a particular chord with people thanks to its fascinating gender dynamic: the chair challenge.

You learn forward, put your head against a wall, slide a chair in front of you and then, raising the chair up to your chest, stand up while continuing to hold it. Simple, right? If only!

After Stephen "tWitch" Boss and his wife, Allison Holker went viral demonstrating how easily she could complete the challenge while he got stuck, Jeremy and his wife just had to try it out.

Like tWitch and Allison, she managed to do it no problem, but no matter how hard he tried, Jeremy just couldn’t stand up. Immediately his thoughts turned to failure and the need for more physical therapy.

In today’s snack episode, physiotherapist Erin Schreiber explains why many men struggle with the challenge while women generally don’t. In short, the balance of the levers varies between different body types.

Tune in for a short, snack episode to learn why athleticism has nothing to do with one of the internet’s most bizarre viral trends!

Topics discussed in this episode:

The viral fitness trend that many men can’t seem to do

Jeremy’s feelings of a fulcrum failure

Why men often struggle but women frequently don’t

Size—and volume—does matter

It’s all about your center of mass

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