What Contraception Is Right For Me? (with Laura Laursen, MD)
Your Doctor FriendsSeptember 13, 2022

What Contraception Is Right For Me? (with Laura Laursen, MD)

So much misinformation around birth control exists that we felt compelled to answer one of your questions about contraception, to dispel the myths and educate our listeners!

“Can my contraception affect my future fertility?” is a question we here at Your Doctor Friends have heard from our friends, families, and patients. Many of us are taught certain information about women's health and contraception that are no longer true, or were never true to begin with. So we invited an expert in women’s health to help educate us! 

Dr. Laura Laursen is an obstetrician/gynecologist at Rush University Medical Center, as well as an advocate with Physicians for Reproductive Health, and a very dedicated teacher and professor. Who better to empower us in all things women's health!

We comb through most types of contraception methods out there (there are a lot!) and the best practices for each. Answering queries like, which IUD would best suit your needs, what birth control brands are out there and how they work, how to access these services, and much more!

Tune in for an information packed episode!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Listener question about contraception and pregnancy
  • Does birth control cause changes in fertility?
  • Myths around birth control
  • The different contraceptive methods
  • How Dr. Laursen gauges her patient’s interest in contraception choices
  • Youngest age you can start using contraception
  • What should you expect to feel during an IUD insertion
  • Pain management for in-office procedures
  • How Dr. Laursen breaks down the different brands of birth control to her patients
  • Do you need to have your period when taking birth control?
  • The link between the depo shot and bone density
  • Can you feel your IUD after its insertion?
  • Are there barriers for young girls to getting contraception?
  • How accessible is Plan B?
  • Will birth control pills be available over the counter in the future?

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