Just Do Kegels They Said... (with Lance Frank, DPT)
Your Doctor FriendsJune 28, 2022

Just Do Kegels They Said... (with Lance Frank, DPT)

The pelvic floor. We all have one. We all need one that turns on and off efficiently. When the pelvic floor isn't cooperating, we can experience things like pain, incontinence, constipation, as well as back and hip pain. It can LITERALLY cause a PAIN IN YOUR ASS.

No one wants that. It doesn't matter what shape your genitals are, we can all benefit from maintaining a healthy, well-functioning pelvic floor. 

Good thing we have Lance Frank, PT, DPT, MPH, a pelvic floor physical therapist to teach us how to keep ours healthy. SPOILER ALERT- its not just Kegel exercises :)

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