How Much Caffeine Is Too Much Caffeine?
Your Doctor FriendsDecember 12, 2023

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much Caffeine?

Have you ever felt "over-caffeinated"? Did you feel jittery, shaky, and sense your heart was going a mild a minute?

Perhaps that feeling sneaked up on you? Keeping track of the exact milligram amount of caffeine we consume is tricky, especially when coffee caffeine strengths vary wildly, and many prepared beverages don't disclose the exact caffeine content.

Recently two separate wrongful death lawsuits were filed against Panera, citing that the high caffeine content of its "charged lemonade" contributed to sudden cardiac death. Scary stuff.

How can we know if we've consumed too much caffeine? What are caffeine's effects on our bodies? Should we be wary about consuming caffeine right before we exercise?

Thankfully, Your Doctor Friends are here to sift through the data, and present to you meaningful information so you can understand your risks and make informed decisions about your personal caffeine consumption.

And in our additional "dessert" topic, we talk about the progress (or lack thereof) of the FDA to ban menthol and other flavoring in tobacco products, in hopes of making cigarettes and flavored cigars less appealing to young people, and potentially save lives.

Don't forget, Your Doctor Friends are ALWAYS here to give you a boost ;)

Resources from this episode include:

A New York Times article titled "Energy Drinks Are Surging. So Are Their Caffeine Levels."

Another NYT article titled "Are Energy Drinks Safe? New Lawsuits Raise Questions."

An FDA article titled "Spilling the Beans: How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?"

A PubMed link to a review by the Food and Nutrition Board and the Institute of Medicine titled "Caffeine in Food and Dietary Supplements: Examining Safety: Workshop Summary."

A Neuroscience and Behavioral review article titled "A review of caffeine's effects on cognitive, physical, and occupational performance."

ACOG's committee opinion titled "Moderate Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy."

An FDA press release regarding prohibiting menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars to prevent youth initiation, significantly reduce tobacco-related disease and death.

An AMA position statement from president Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld regarding the delay in the FDA ban of menthol and other flavored tobacco products.

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