Exploring Resolutions - VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: How Do I Build Connection? (with Laura Danger)
Your Doctor FriendsFebruary 14, 2023

Exploring Resolutions - VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: How Do I Build Connection? (with Laura Danger)

LAURA DANGER IS BACK! And she's here to help us repair, reinforce, and reimagine our relationships :)

You may remember Laura from Episode 4: Domestic Labor is Still Labor, and this time she's talking about the LABOR OF LOVE.

We have all been through the collective trauma of a global pandemic together. Except, we haven't really been "together", have we? How can we reach out to the people we care about to reconnect, strengthen our bonds, and enjoy our relationships? Spoiler alert: it may include a BitchyWalk or two ;)

Topics in this episode include:

What does it mean to "see the bird"?

How can we recognize when we are isolating from our relationships?

What are the "symptoms" of discord in our relationships?

What if I'm an introvert?

How many friends does someone really NEED?

How can we make hanging out with friends seem not overwhelming/draining?

How can we reach out to our friends and partners, to encourage connection?

What resources are out there to help us cultivate connection?

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