Does My Child Have Scoliosis? (with Chris Dewald, MD and Lauren Higginson)
Your Doctor FriendsMay 07, 2024

Does My Child Have Scoliosis? (with Chris Dewald, MD and Lauren Higginson)

Do you remember "scoliosis check" during middle school? That embarrassing moment where, as a 12/13 year old, you had to do a shirtless forward fold in front of the school nurse?? MORTIFYING.

Perhaps you never had to live through this torture. Or perhaps, even WORSE, you were told by said nurse that your screen was POSITIVE, and now your parents had to know! And they would have to *gasp* take you to the doctor to DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!


Well, thankfully we've come a long way since then! And today we have insights from TWO guests in the world of scoliosis to educate us!

We invited our friend and colleague, Chris DeWald, MD, who between him and his father, have over 60 years of experience treating scoliosis patients. Dr. DeWald is an orthopedic spine surgeon at Rush University Medical Center, who specializes in spine deformity, and is legit one of the kindest people on the planet :)

And to add a different dimension, we asked Lauren Higginson, the founder of Higgy Bears, and a scoliosis patient herself, to give her insights into living with this condition, the observations she has from her community and her thoughts on screening.

You may be met with a twists and turns in life (or in your spine), either way we are here for you :)

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