Did I Tear My Meniscus? (with Charles Bush-Joseph, MD)
Your Doctor FriendsMarch 07, 2023

Did I Tear My Meniscus? (with Charles Bush-Joseph, MD)

Oh no. I twisted my knee and felt a pop- did I tear my meniscus? Ugh, do I have to have SURGERY??

It seems like everyone knows somebody who has injured their meniscus. These injuries are quite common, and sports news media outlets cover meniscus tear stories in athletes voraciously. It seems like the athlete has a momentary injury where their knee buckles, they limp off to the sideline, and then we find out they will be out for the rest of the season for meniscus surgery and recovery.

Is this the fate for everyone with a meniscus injury?

Guess what?? We brought one of our FAVORITE PEOPLE and our mentor, Dr. Charles Bush Joseph to help demystify the meniscus!

Chuck has been a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine for 25+ years. He is the former head team physician/surgeon for the Chicago White Sox (a position he held for close to 15 years), and is the past president of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine.

Chuck is a kind, humble, wise (and often hilarious) physician who loves to teach, so let's soak up that knowledge!

Topics in this episode include:

What is the meniscus? Why do I need it?

What kinds of ways can people injure their meniscus?

How can I tell if a meniscus injury is acute or chronic?

Does a meniscus tear need surgery?

Why do I know so many people who have had meniscus tears/surgery?

Can we prevent these injuries?

Learn more about our good friend and mentor Dr. Charles Bush Joseph (aka Chuck, aka CBJ) HERE :)

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