BONUS: Being the CEO of your own Emotions (with Rose Metivier, LCPC)
Your Doctor FriendsNovember 05, 202200:13:23

BONUS: Being the CEO of your own Emotions (with Rose Metivier, LCPC)

ROSE IS AT IT AGAIN! For the SECOND bonus episode this week, our favorite therapist and mental health expert, Rose Metivier, LCPC teaches us a fun lesson about how to conceptualize our emotions.

Think of it like an adult version of the movie "Inside Out"- where you are the CEO of your emotions, and each major emotion (joy, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc) report to YOU to make the business run.

Rose recommends these sources to learn more about mental health:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

NAMI Chicago

Chicago mental health resources for kids via WBEZ

No Going Back to Normal- Harvard Magazine

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis in Young People- Nature

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