Are the Kids Alright? Adolescent Mental Health Crisis (with Rose Metivier, LCPC)
Your Doctor FriendsNovember 01, 2022

Are the Kids Alright? Adolescent Mental Health Crisis (with Rose Metivier, LCPC)

Depression. Anxiety. Self-harm. Perfectionism. Escapism. Young people today are bombarded with internal and external forces which can wreak havoc on their developing minds. In today's episode, Julie and Jeremy reflect on questions they hear from friends, family, and patients alike. Are the kids okay? Are we in the midst of an adolescent mental health crisis? How did things get like this? How can we help make it better?

At the helm of today's episode is our favorite therapist, Rose Metivier, LCPC. Rose provides valuable insight on the developing adolescent brain and the threats to the emotional well-being of young people. Rose reflects on the inadequacy of the American mental health care system, and suggests meaningful changes we can make as adults to perhaps make things a little easier for kids.

Topics covered in today's episode include:

  • Internalizing vs externalizing behaviors in mental health
  • The role of social media in adolescent mental health
  • Barriers to mental health access for young people
  • How parents can support kids' mental health
  • Why CONSISTENCY matters so much to kids
  • The failures of today's mental health care system
  • Mental health provider shortages
  • How the pandemic/remote learning/isolation has impacted kids' mental health
  • The benefits of emotional learning in schools starting at a young age
  • Why "Inside Out" is such a rad movie :)

Rose recommends these sources to learn more about mental health:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

NAMI Chicago

Chicago mental health resources for kids via WBEZ

No Going Back to Normal- Harvard Magazine

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis in Young People- Nature

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