Are Microplastics Slowly Killing Us?
Your Doctor FriendsApril 02, 2024

Are Microplastics Slowly Killing Us?

What does the term "microplastics" mean to you? Why is seemingly everyone talking about them lately?

 A new study published on March 6th in the New England Journal of Medicine titled, “Microplastics and Nanoplastics in Atheromas and Cardiovascular Events" has been circulating around the internet, and raises concerns about the risk of exposure to microplastics and long-term adverse health outcomes.

What does this study suggest? What does the other data about microplastics show?

Our exposure to plastics is ubiquitous; its in our packaging, our clothing, in our air and water. The chemical additives used in plastics manufacturing are also worrisome, as they have demonstrated adverse health effects in animal models.

As we have hammered home in many prior episodes, DOSE and EXPOSURE matter when it comes to risk of harm from a particular substance. The same rules seem to apply for microplastics.

In today's episode, Jeremy explains what we do and don't know about the risks of long term exposure to microplastics. He ends with some actionable items on how you can choose to limit your exposure with some simple daily behavioral changes.

Resources for this episode include:

The very recent NEJM article titled "Microplastics and Nanoplastics in Atheromas and Cardiovascular Events".

A 2022 Frontiers in Endocrinology study regarding endocrine changes in mammals related to exposure to micro/nano plastics.

A May 2023 article from National Geographic titled "Microplastics are in our bodies. How much do they harm us?"

A March 19th, 2024 Everyday Health article on microplastics.

An EcoWatch article titled "10 Simple Ways to Avoid Microplastics in Your Everyday Life".

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