Ankle Sprains Part 2: It's Been 3 Months and It Doesn't Feel Right (with Erin Schreiber, DPT)
Your Doctor FriendsSeptember 27, 2022

Ankle Sprains Part 2: It's Been 3 Months and It Doesn't Feel Right (with Erin Schreiber, DPT)

Let’s say you sprained your ankle a couple of months ago. Nothing major, but you’ve followed all the protocols in your recovery regimen and it still just doesn't feel quite right. What should you do?

To help us answer this question, we are joined by Erin Schreiber, a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist and the Lead Physical Therapist at the Movement Guild in Chicago.

Embracing a holistic biomechanical approach to rehabilitation is a key facet of Erin’s philosophy. She helps her clients achieve their goals and imparts a better understanding of the factors contributing to the root cause of their issues, not just offering them a "quick fix"!

In today’s episode, Erin shares her expertise with us as we address the important role that proprioception plays in restoring optimal ankle function. You have to essentially "retrain your brain" in order to fully heal your ankle.

We also touch on video call consults with your physical therapist, exercises you can do at home to strengthen your ankles, and some of the surprising ways that you can prevent future injuries, plus so much more!

Armed with these tips and preventative measures, you’re well on your way to stronger ankles and faster healing. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this episode of Your Doctor Friends with movement expert, Erin Schreiber.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Common issues that Erin encounters at this stage of recovery
  • The normal biomechanical function of your foot and ankle
  • An understanding of functional instability versus structural instability
  • Potential consequences of being ‘over-immobilized’
  • Tips for preventing additional injuries in the future
  • Getting back to your prior level of functioning 
  • A look at proprioception and why it’s relevant
  • Consulting with Erin about your ankle sprain via video call!
  • How you can test your ankle function at home
  • Exercises you can do to strengthen your ankle
  • Erin’s take on braces, taping, and other external supports
  • Preventing ankle injuries with cardiovascular fitness
  • Summer fun, toe dynamometers, singing in the car, and more!

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