How to save a life! (CPR and AED) w/Sarah Lorenzini- "The Rapid Response RN" and YOUR DOCTOR FRIENDS
Your Doctor Friends PodcastAugust 22, 202300:15:07

How to save a life! (CPR and AED) w/Sarah Lorenzini- "The Rapid Response RN" and YOUR DOCTOR FRIENDS

Medical emergencies are common and the vast majority happen outside of hospitals. On the street. In the airport. In line at Starbucks. In the movie theater.

That means that the true “first responder” is often someone without any medical training at all. Many people don't feel prepared for these situations. Certainly, it's unfair to blame the everyday layperson for not being immediately ready to give someone CPR, however it's well-established that delaying lifesaving care often leads to worse outcomes. So what do we do?

We thought we should call up one of our friends (who is an absolute EXPERT in saving lives) and bring them on to teach you all the ways YOU can save a life.

We will cover the obvious (like cardiac arrest and choking), but also some lesser-discussed emergencies such as stroke.

How do you recognize these emergencies? What should you do first? What should you not do? When to call the ambulance? And that's just the surface!

Today, YOUR DOCTOR FRIENDS present the every person’s guide to What Should I Do In a Medical Emergency?

Welcome to our esteemed guest, THE RAPID RESPONSE RN herself, Sarah Lorenzini, RN!

She is an expert in emergency medical care as a Rapid Response nurse.
Even better, she is an expert in teaching others on how to recognize and respond to emergencies.
You may know her as TheRapidResponseRN on social media and the host of the Rapid Response RN podcast where she teaches other nurses the ins and outs of rapid response/critical care.

Key topics in this episode include:

How do we recognize someone having a cardiac emergency?

What's the first thing we should do when we suspect someone is in cardiac arrest?

When should we call 911?

What is "hands-free CPR"? Is it effective?

How do we use an AED? Where/how can we find them?

What are the consequences if bystanders don’t help before EMS arrives?

What are the signs of choking?

How can we immediately help a choking victim? Is the Heimlich still recommended?

What are the signs of stroke?

How do we know if it is a stroke or something else?

What should we do if we are concerned that someone is having a stroke?

I’ve been told if I help and it doesn’t go well, I can be sued. Is that true? How do I know if I should help or not?

What are "Good Samaritan Laws"? Do they apply to everyone who is rendering first aid?

What if I feel like I can drive the person faster to the hospital, rather than waiting for an ambulance?

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