2023 FALL VACCINE OVERVIEW w/Your Doctor Friends, feat. Rob Citronberg, MD
Your Doctor Friends PodcastOctober 08, 202300:11:31

2023 FALL VACCINE OVERVIEW w/Your Doctor Friends, feat. Rob Citronberg, MD

Friends, do you remember last winter’s (2022) TRIPLEDEMIC??

How can we avoid the same situation this year in 2023? What are the options and recommendations for folks for prevention of flu, COVID, and RSV?

In episode 66 of Your Doctor Friends Podcast, titled "Are We Ready For Fall Viruses? Updates on Vaccines, COVID-19, Flu, and RSV (with Rob Citronberg, MD)" we have invited our doctor friend and expert in Infectious Diseases to explain the viral landscape in the US in the autumn of 2023. After today’s episode you will feel empowered to make your personal vaccine choices based on your risk factors, epidemiologic evidence, and straight-from-the-source data-backed recommendations from CHICAGO’S FAUCI HIMSELF!!

You may remember Dr. Citronberg from our previous episode about Monkeypox, Covid and Polio posted almost exactly a year ago!

Dr. Citronberg is the Executive Medical Director of Infectious Disease and Prevention at Advocate Aurora Health. He is a trusted news source as Infectious Disease expert (catch him regularly on ABC Chicago!)
Julie was afraid of him when she was a resident (til she did an ID rotation then they were besties).
"Get your COVID vaccine when you can, don't worry too much about timing it perfectly. It's a step towards getting back to a normal life, protecting ourselves and our loved ones." - Rob Citronberg, MD
In this episode, you will be able to:

Find out how vaccinations stand as the frontline defense against COVID-19, Flu, and RSV.
Understand the significance of safeguarding pregnant people and infants through planned vaccinations.
Find out how to create memorable and safe holiday gatherings during pandemic times.
Learn to access the most credible and valuable health and public information from respected medical experts.
Decide which vaccines this fall/winter are most important for you based on your individual risk factors.
Determine whether masking in public makes sense for you.

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